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Educational Video for schools, libraries, teams, and non-profit clubs:$199.95  (DVD:  $229.95) plus $6.95 ship/handle.   A teaching guide is included, written by Karen Zittleman (Doctoral Program), Professor David Sadker (Ed.D), and Phyllis Lerner (MA), described below.   For a sample list of schools, non-profit agencies, and other institutions which have purchased the educational version of the film, click here.

Consumer Video:  $24.95 (DVD:  $34.95) plus $6.95 ship/handle. Note: this version is for home use only and not for schools, teams, or other group viewing.

Video for corporations:  $399.95.  Viewing guide included.

Screenings for groups: To inquire about a group screening, click here or call our offices at 781-237-3329. A theater quality 16mm print and BETA-SP version of the film is available for special events.order.1.jpg (5738 bytes)

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FOR ORDERS OUTSIDE OF THE US:  a PAL VERSION of the film is available for an additional $10.  EXPEDITED SHIPPING IS NOW AVAILABLE:

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Teaching Guide Information

The guide, like the film, is appropriate for a wide range of audiences, from pre-adolescents through adulthood. A resource section, particularly designed for high school and university instructors, promotes meaningful student reflection and actions.

The Myra Sadker Advocates was founded in 1995 as an ongoing legacy to Myra Sadker's pioneering work in gender equity. MSA promotes gender equity in and beyond schools. By working to eliminate gender bias, Advocates enhance the academic, psychological, economic and physical potential of America's children. Myra Sadker researched gender bias, from grade school through graduate school. She uncovered not only blatant discrimination, but also subtle patterns of inequities that permeated classrooms. Sitting in the same classroom, Myra Sadker found that girls, regardless of racial or ethnic or class background, were being consistently, if unintentionally, shortchanged. Through her writings and lectures, she alerted America to the academic, psychological and career costs of sexism. Myra Sadker Advocates are dedicated to building and expanding on Myra's groundbreaking work, work cut short by breast cancer.

David Sadker (Ed.D.) is a professor at The American University (Washington, DC) and has been involved in training programs to combat sexism and sexual harassment in 45 states and overseas. He has directed more than a dozen federal equity grants, authored five books and more than 75 articles in journals such as Phi Delta Kappan, Harvard Educational Review, and Psychology Today. Dr. Sadker received the American Educational Research Association's award for the best review of research published in the United States in 1991, their professional service award in 1995, and the Eleanor Roosevelt Award from The American Association of University Women in 1995. The Sadker's book, Failing at Fairness: How Our Schools Cheat Girls was published by Touchstone Press in 1995.

Phyllis Lerner (M.A.) is Director of interweave, (Bethesda, MD) an organization specializing in educational equity and effectiveness training. Ms. Lerner's background includes almost three decades of teaching experiences at the elementary, secondary and university levels, as well as a special service consultant for the California State Department of Education Title IX Office with a focus on physical education and athletics. She assisted in the development of and appeared in a Master of Arts in Teaching national video series. Additionally, she worked to produce, direct and present a gender equity in service series for The Educational Channel, Baltimore County Public Schools and similar programs with Public Broadcasting in Virginia and Massachusetts.

Karen Zittleman (B.S.) is a doctoral student in the School of Education at American University focusing on educational equity. Her undergraduate work is in gender equity, athletics, kinesiology and neurosciences. She recently completed an oral history project at the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Washington, D.C. conducting pilot interviews with women scientists.

Acknowledgement:  Myra Sadker Advocates would like to thank the National Coalition for Sex Equity in Education for the Barb Landers 2000 Memorial Fund Award. Their contribution made the guide, as well as the Washington, DC premier of "A Hero for Daisy" possible.