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             Chris Ernst reading Title IX statement

was made possible by the following production team:

Writer/Director: Mary Mazzio
Editor: Collin Cameron
Cinematography: Rebekah V. Michaels
Composer: Ruth Mendelson
Producers: Mary Mazzio, Theresa Mazzio and Eric Hamilton
Executive Producers: Jay Manson, Mary Mazzio,
Paul Nace, RJ Casey, Noreen Breslin and Margie Sullivan
Assistant Camerapersons: Tim Sweeney, Stephanie Ryan,
Jamie Fitzpatrick, Erica Colgrove, Scott Crawford
Sound Recordist/Boom: Jim Petit, Theresa Mazzio
Production Support: Dana Isenberg, Matt Campbell
Production Assistant: Alison Segal                                           Launch Driver: Tom Darling
Baby/Dog Handler: Jay Manson
Audio Producer: D. David Porter
Sound Mixer: Christopher D. Anderson/Jim Sullivan
Sound Editors: Jim Sullivan, Tina Morris
Assistant Editor: Brad Johanson
Still Promotion & Titles: Frame Shop
Film Processing: DuArt Film and Video                                                                              John Kerry on location
Negative Cutting: Noelle Penraat
Transcription: Diane George
Legal Services: Paul J. Harnett, Jr. Esq., Christopher White Esq.
Accounting Services: David Heath
Graphic Design: Lib Delana and Maura Conron
Website Design/Poster: Maura Conron
Marketing Consultant: Kay Koplovitz
Public Relations: Sally Jackson, Joan Schneider, Susan
Development: Sheila Dennis, Allie Pendleton
Intern: Meghan Sullivan