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New Balance and Welch's Support "A Hero for Daisy."

September 20, 2000 - New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. and Welch's are pleased to support "A Hero for Daisy," an inspirational video which celebrates the signing of Title IX, the legislation enacted in 1972 which mandated gender equality in all institutions receiving federal aid. A documentary film about two-time Olympic rower Chris Ernst, A Hero for Daisy depicts one woman's unyielding commitment to both rowing and the fight for the equality of women in the world of sports.

With a message similar to that of A Hero for Daisy paralleled in New Balance's "achieve new balance" campaign, athletic participation is recognized by New Balance for its powerful and shaping effect, particularly on children and teens. That's why New Balance chose to support the film and the outreach project that will bring the video to girls around the nation. New Balance and Welch's, an early supporter of the film, have joined efforts to supply 200 of these educational tapes - 100 to the National Coalition of Girls Schools and 100 to the Girls Scouts of America.

"New Balance is thrilled to be associated with A Hero for Daisy because it teaches that hard work, teamwork, and perseverance pay off, and that females deserve the same treatment on the field, in the gym, and in life, that men are granted," said John Donovan, New Balance's Marketing Services Manager. "Sometimes all it takes is one individual to pave the way for the betterment of society at large. The dedication of Chris Ernst to fight for what she and her teammates at Yale deserved, by storming the athletic director's office in 1976 and then stripping to reveal the phrase "Title IX" in blue marker on their skin (in front of a New York Times reporter), is exactly the type of stance that makes a mark in history and creates lasting change," he said.

"Welch's is excited to continue its support of A Hero for Daisy," said Jim Callahan, director of Corporate Communications at Welch's. "The film demonstrates our commitment to today's family by focusing on team athletics, an important topic that shares some of the same characteristics that are essential to strong families -- including teamwork, respect for one another and dedication."

"I made this film for my daughter and other young girls like her, who are in desperate need of strong and accessible role models," said Mary Mazzio, who wrote and directed the film. An Olympic rower herself, Mazzio thanked New Balance and Welch's for helping to bring the film to a much wider audience.

A Hero for Daisy, which recently aired on ESPN, has been hailed as a "landmark film" by The New York Times and "fantastic" by Sports Illustrated. In addition to airing on ESPN, Oxygen and WGBH, the film was recently awarded a Women's Sports Foundation Journalism Award for 2000.